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With offices located in The Woodlands / Spring Texas, Ramdas Accounting helps businesses every step of the way. Whether you would like to start a business, grow your current business or sell a business we are here to help every step of the way.


What can you do for my business?

From great ideas on a notepad to established multimillion dollar corporations, Ramdas Accounting is the best CPA firm in The Woodlands to help you start, grow, or sell your unique business. We are experienced in helping business owners make the best decisions to improve their bottom lines and their businesses as a whole. From any point in the business life cycle, we are ready to jump in and bring your business to the top.


      • Formation
        A plan is what it takes to keep your dream of running a successful business alive. Ramdas Accounting is here to help you avoid many common mistakes business owners may make when starting out on their new project. We start our services by first helping you perfect your business plan, then by determining your start-up capital requirements, and finally by helping you find sources of capital if necessary. Next, establishing the correct business structure for your needs is one of the most important factors in starting your own business. We’ll help you decide what’s best for you by weighing tax advantages, ease of operation and possible relocation, and legal exposure. Along with this, we’ll make sure you file all necessary state and federal paperwork to keep you in business. When your business starts taking off, we can help set up your business protocol and procedures to keep employer and employee happy. From payroll start up to buying business insurance, Ramdas Accounting will make sure you dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’ for your business formation.
      • Growth and Management
        Our clients come to us because they know Ramdas Accounting is the firm to go to when their business needs a push in the right direction. Whether you’re just starting out small or need help under mounting pressure, we are ready to help your business grow. Our CPA staff is experienced with analyzing businesses and evaluating cost reductions, forecasting, and strategizing growth. Do you not know whether this merger is good for you and your employees? We can help, because at Ramdas Accounting we’re dedicated to sitting down and discussing what we need to do to bring your business to its maximum.Is your business doing just fine and you just need some help managing it? With our Virtual CFO and Bookkeeping services we are here for you. Let us take on the tasks you don’t have time for, from invoicing and budgeting, to recording your daily transactions and closing your books. If you’re struggling under a pile of papers that you’re lost on how to work with- we are here to sort it out. If you just don’t have enough time in the day to send out invoices- we are here to do it for you. If you’re doing just fine and just want someone to check over your books- we can do that too. Our Quickbooks Certified and trained bookkeeping staff is practiced in getting you the help you need.
      • Valuation and Sale
        If you’re considering a merger, evaluating a sale, or attempting to resolve a dispute associated with your entity, an objective, skilled valuation can be the difference between gain or loss. Few things matter to business owners more than the value of their business. Because valuation is a multifaceted process that demands expertise and a deep understanding of business strategy, financial forecasting, and accounting you need more than your everyday CPA. You need a team to work for you to give you the advice you need to obtain the best possible sales price or payout terms for your business. Ramdas Accounting has consistently delivered the best valuation services to our clients in The Woodlands area.

Why Us?

At Ramdas Accounting we help businesses every step of the way. Whether you would like to start a business, grow your current business or sell a business we are here to help at every pivotal point in your business life cycle. Our comprehensive knowledge of business strategy, management, and finances make Ramdas Accounting your one stop shop for all business consulting, valuation, and advisory services.

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The Woodlands Office
1790 Hughes Landing Boulevard, Suite 400
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Advisory Services

Part-Time CFO Services
Cash flow analysis, budgeting and accounting oversight

Business Valuation
Valuation report, industry comparisons and sale structuring

Strategic Business Development
Development and forecasting of business opportunities, marketing and growth

Succession Planning
Mergers and acquisitions, small business continuity

New Business Formation
Business plan, creation, registration and tax filing