We help minimize the tax liability for individuals and families

With offices located in The Woodlands / Spring Texas, Ramdas Accounting helps minimize tax liability for individuals and families with leading industry knowledge and practices. Whether you are a first time filer, need to amend your IRS return or have a more complex situation, we are here to help prepare and e-file your necessary forms.

Tax Preparation

Preparing a tax return is something most individuals need done yearly. In today’s world, even a simple tax return can be more complicated than we realize. With ever-changing laws, it can even be hard to know what deductions and credits you are entitled to. We at Ramdas Accounting view our relationships with clients is our most important service and we are here to help you get the most out of your filings. The quickest, easiest solution may seem like a computer program, but there is nothing better for you than one-on-one personalized assistance from a licensed tax professional.

What’s Involved?

Individual Tax returns may be more involved for some than others. We handle clients from all walks of life; some with small business income, rental properties, high net worth, stock options, partnership K-1’s, and even expatriate and international tax needs. Especially with a new small business, it can be tough to know everything you need to keep track of for deductions. There are so many different circumstances out there, in the end every client is unique and they all need a unique, personalized tax preparation. Whatever you need, we will have you covered at Ramdas Accounting.

We like to help you get started as early as possible. In January we will provide returning clients with a tax organizer to act as a basic backbone of questions to get you started. New clients will receive everything needed as soon as they decide to come on. This will help you gather your information and assist us in making sure we complete everything for you. We know it can be a hassle gathering all of your documents only to have to mail them and wait, but by signing up and using our online portal you will be able to securely upload and access all of your tax documents without mailing them, and later when your return is filed, we’ll upload that for you to have for your records as well. From there, our CPA staff will personally prepare and review your return.By filing your return electronically, we can also speed up how quickly your return is accepted and make receiving your refund even easier. No longer will April 15th be a day of dread, it will pass without you even noticing by having your taxes already expertly prepared by our CPA staff and your refund safely in your bank account.

Throughout all of this, our staff is on hand to answer any questions you may have. Whether you need help getting your taxes together, an extension, or tax planning help later in the year, we are on call for you whenever you need us.

Why Us?

As one of the top-rated CPA firms in The Woodlands, Texas, we are equipped to help you and make this tax season run as smoothly as possible. In addition to personal tax preparation services, we also provide IRS representation and future tax & financial planning services. With office locations in The Woodlands, Sugar Land, Town and Country, Northwest Houston, and the Galleria, Ramdas Accounting is well equipped to serve you wherever and whenever you need it. Although we might seem local, we also serve clients well beyond the Woodlands and Greater Houston Area from all around the world.

Ramdas Accounting helps minimize tax liability for individuals and families with leading industry knowledge and practices. With laws changing all the time and your situation changing daily, we stay on top of current laws so you don’t need to worry. Whether you are a first time filer, need to amend your return or have a more complex situation, we at Ramdas Accounting are here to help prepare and e-file your necessary forms.

And don’t forget, Ramdas Accounting also provides services for small business and corporations – including business & corporate tax services and help with IRS audits, as well as financial advisory and business development services.

Ramdas Accounting, a trusted Certified Public Accountant and accounting firm in The Woodlands, TX.

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International Tax
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Form 1040 + 1040EZ + 1040X

Schedule A – Itemized Deductions
Homeowners, Medical Expenses, Charity, Unreimbursed Job Expenses

Schedule B – Interest + Ordinary Dividends
Taxable, Tax Exempt, Qualified

Schedule C – Profit or Loss From Business
DBAs, LLCs, Start-Ups, Oil and Gas Working Interests

Schedule D – Capital Gains + Losses
Short/Long Term, Stock Options, Carryovers

Schedule E – Supplemental Income + Loss
Rents, Royalties, Passive Income, K-1s

Specialty Taxpayers

Self Employed
High Net Worth
College Students
New Homeowners